Geshi CSS Pack

Geshi CSS Pack

A CSS pack to be used with geSHi clones 4 Textmate themes to be used on your site. Included themes are Mac Classic, Twilight, Dawn and Vibrant Ink



Hello! They look fantastic but do not understand how to deploy with geshi…

anonymous user on 10/11/08

Ooo. Excellent. Just what I needed.

@tikitakfire: Just include the desired css file on the page where Geshi is being used.

Kitt Ehn on 3/20/09

Thank you for you work. on 6/2/09

Echoed…thank you very much, makes wp-syntax look much happier amongst a black/white theme.

kez on 7/17/09

Awesome work—-they’re beautiful. They sure beat GeSHi’s defaults by far. Thanks for sharing.

Brian Reavis on 8/21/09

I tried all ways, can you please present a simple code ??

I linked directly and observed no change at all

Sam on 1/12/11

Please notify me too

Sam on 1/12/11

Not tested yet, but i’ll give it a try since i’m trying to deploy a fully featured blog engine with ZF.
Since then, thanks for your work, I bookmarked your blog to be sure to come back later ;)

guillem on 2/6/11

Hey. I know this is an older post, but could you re-release the themes under GPL 2 license? I have a project and like to use your themes but it’s GPL 2 – which seems to be incompatible with CC-BY-SA (for some obscure reason).

Manski on 9/27/15

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