Plugin Development : CakeFest Argentina

These are the slides for a talk I gave at CakeFest : Buenos Aires on plugin development.



Hey mark,

hope all’s well. hey, I’m trying to write some tests for an app that has a model with an association with a plugin model. any good examples of this?

For example, in the CakeBook comments belongs to the users model in the users plugin — unfortunately there aren’t any tests written for that in the repo at thechaw — but assuming i’m testing that exact thing — my model tests error out as the plugin table/fixtures aren’t loaded.

according the what I recall from your talk, and referencing the slides — it should be as simple as including var $fixtures = array(‘app.comment’, ‘users.users_user’); (assuming we’re using the user prefix for all plugin model names) and it should work, right?

oh and since no one has commented yet — great slides and great talks at cakefest. see ya mark!

Jon on 2/21/09

Cool site.

Rob Miller on 6/5/09

thanks !

phuc on 3/15/13

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