Unit Testing : CakeFest Argentina

These slides were used in a 2 part talk given at CakeFest Argentina on unit testing in CakePHP



Thanks for the slides! I had notes from the NC Workshop on unit testing, but I don’t think anyone published the slides (at least not in PDF format). I don’t think the NC workshop went over Plugin Development.

Do you have anything on ACLs?

Dooltaz on 12/11/08

Great slides! They filled in some holes for me that I missed from book.cakephp.org.

Rich Yumul on 1/13/09

Great slides! I found the slide about what to test and where particularly useful. Thanks!

Robert Navarro on 6/10/09

Thanks so much for the talk and for the downloadable slides, mark. I forget how many times I’ve come back here to get this pdf.

Jon on 7/21/09

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