This was a pretty good tutorial to start off with. I have never done ACL before and with this it was a breeze. Good thing you have the views posted online as I didn’t want to go back in and bake the views.


Anthony W on 8/10/09

Hi Mark, i get following error

Fatal error: Class ‘requester’ not found in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\myapp\app\models\behaviors\acl.php on line 32

Need help. Thanks!

kodegeek on 9/12/09

my controller i write function for admin and function for frond end:


public function admin_index(){
public function fo_index(){

i want only check auth with admin in controller and not check with function fo

how can i do?


tung on 9/19/09


Its a nice tutorial. but i am stuck on one issue. Please guide me.

I made four User groups.
1- Administrators
2- Managers
3- Registered Users
4- Visitors

I want to assign permissions on site visitors like they can view the site cms pages, contact us page etc.

Please let me know how can i implement this.

Thanks in advance.

Naveed on 10/13/09

kodegeek: I think you might be missing some quotes around a setting somewhere.

tung: I don’t think you need to use ACL if all you want to do is check when the user is accessing admin_ methods. You can probably just use an isAuthorized() callback in your controller. There is an example in the documentation.

Naveed: You would just need to emulate a logged in user for your visitor role by populating the session, or make the controller actions public with $this->Auth->allow().

mark story on 10/14/09


this is great problem for me

Vahid Alimohamadi on 12/21/09

I just started using cake a couple of weeks ago so this may very well be a total noob issue:
I made the groups you suggested and created a user in each group. When I do SELECT * FROM aros; I get “MySQL returned an empty set”
Also, I tried logging in using a user I created and none of them work.

danashan on 12/30/09

Is anyone moderating the comments?

dana on 1/7/10

dana: I use akismet to filter the comments, seems it was taking a nap though. I’ve cleaned up the comments.

mark story on 1/7/10

getting stuck up at Select * from aros; as it is returning empty set.. wat can be the problem. for a small application its ok to insert manually.. but for big application its tedious..

tdr on 1/12/10

One thing I noticed when making this tutorial, is that if you modify a User’s group it does not modify their Aro. You have to do that separately it seems.

Is this fixed in CakePHP 1.3 now?

Robin Duckett on 1/18/10

[code]cake schema run create DbAcl[/code]

I don’t quite get what this is supposed to be doing. I doesn’t really create any tables, what should I do?

Thanks in advance,

Paul on 1/31/10

One thing I noticed when making this tutorial, is that if you modify a User’s group it does not modify their Aro. You have to do that separately it seems.

That is fixed in 1.2.6

Ceeram on 2/2/10

this is as same as in the “” i need a better one

varun on 2/9/10

Great tutorial, thanks for that. Few changes since Cake 1.3:

Omit ‘run’ from ‘schema run create’ – it’s not working with Cake 1.3

Also, you need to include Session in your components (the app controller or in every controller you use flash messages or anything sessionable).

Mario Peshev on 7/9/10

In cake 1.3, when I create a group and user, no records are inserted in aros table :s

Jorge on 7/16/10

tdr, myself
Ok, in cake 1.3 seem change a little bit the way that you declare the var $actAs:

intead of:
var $actsAs = array(‘Acl’ => array(‘requester’));

var $actsAs = array(‘Acl’ => array(‘type’ => ‘requester’));


Jorge on 7/16/10

hii mark, why still I can’t login?
what’s wrong?
please help me..
I used cakephp 1.3.3..
thank you mark


mahendra on 9/8/10

This is much better than the explanation on CakePHP’s website and also much better than every article I’ve seen on this topic so far. So, Thanks a lot. I am looking forward to the second part of the series.

Jon Lyles on 10/19/10

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