austin_web_developer: That issue has been fixed, thanks for the heads up.

keymaster: This is something that I’m going to be working on with Andy and John. There are currently @link tags in the docs, so its just a matter of getting them to point to the correct pages in the cookbook.

jason: The default parameter values have been fixed in the master branch and should be updated soon.

Siegfried: The lack of an inheritance diagran is something I’m hoping to address in the next few days.

mark story on 1/28/09

The api design renders ok just in ie7 in other browsers it has no room for left side Class Index and displays Class index column at the bottom on the page. Looked at it with safary , chrome, ff3 on windows

And it’s not up to me to comment this (after all it s a huge work you all have achieved with cakephp) but for developers mind if I browse a specific API page all i’m interested in is the Information about the method, function – not the class index on the left that takes half of a page and section headers (Class Index, File name aso) with huge fonts leaving most important part in the shade .

So my suggestion would be to move the class reference to the right to look more like things are organized in a and make section headers just bold but same size with their description fields to be more usable for developers mind

After all it’s not a secret that most (right handed) people are browsing web from top,left to bottom,right

Anton on 1/30/09

Mark (& gwoo), Lookin’ gooood!

Two things I noticed in the Source browser:

1. When looking at the declared functions, you show a link, but it is static. It would be more convenient if it actually took you to the page listed.

2. In FF, the File Browser is rendering at the bottom of the page instead of the top, for example: The same thing happens in the Class browser, for example in

Chau, Buck

Buck Lay on 1/31/09

Hi! Do you have any working example of Validation::Multiple() as you’ve mentioned at teknoid??

Yien Bin on 3/5/09

Hello Mark, thanks for your reply. The docs don’t come with much details. I was wondering what is actually should be parsed in the “in” param? The classname of the HABTM ?

Yien Bin on 3/5/09

Sorry, I’ve figured out what is “in” param for. Is there no way to implement this validation at model page ?

Yien Bin on 3/5/09


Nice job !!!

DivineSoul on 10/1/11

I just need to understand something. Does it generate the official api of the CakePHP or it generates an api for my CakePHP project from the comments in the source?

Said bakr on 2/20/14

Said bakr: The ApiGenerator project can be used to generate docs for any CakePHP app. It used to be used for the official CakePHP docs. However, ApiGenerator is now un-maintained and we are using ApiGen for the official CakePHP docs.

mark story on 2/25/14