I had the same problem. I forget to add:
var $components = array(‘RequestHandler’); to my controller.
Finally I added this to my app_controller and now everything works perfectly.

luk4s on 9/6/10

A new challenge to me, is how make a InPlaceEditor with JsHelper ?


celsowm on 1/18/11

celsowm: You should be able to do that with a custom engine class, or extending one of the existing ones.

mark story on 1/20/11

So this I’m trying to integrate this into an element to do element ajax pagination. I’m using mootools to do this. The problem is when I echo $js->writeBuffer(); in the element, it seems to keep defaulting back the the jquery engine. Any suggestion on how to force it back to the mootools engine?

Calvin on 1/24/11

@mark: i tried implement InPlaceEditor during 3 day with pure JsHelper… but is impossible. In a deep investigation i guess the main reason to remove inplace and autocomplete is the not full implement in all js frameworks, because some need plugins or lots of code to work these ajax methods…

But … observerField/Form is possible ! (like slider was maintained)

Another suggestion: Js->removeEvent()

I am studing extending all JsEngineHelpers or use https://github.com/staaky/bridgejs


celsowm on 1/24/11

Celso: Its not impossible, if for example you are using jQuery. Just pick a plugin you want to use for inline editing. Subclass the core jQuery engine, and add a method in for your in-place editing plugin.

You are correct in why certain methods were left out. The implementations were too spotty or poorly supported to create wrappers for, and I didn’t want Cake to require specific jquery plugins. However, the helper is quite flexible in working with other code.

mark story on 1/25/11

can you at least include an output so we can feast testing it?? or a ready made file with db, so we could test it out? im really new at using ajax, so its kinda scary for me to do it because of the JS,

red on 2/18/11

Tried to implement this but get a “$(“link-1958150259”).addEvent is not a function” error. Mootools has been implemented as I can see that from Firebug. Any ideas or advice is much appreciated?

Thanks, Tom

Tom Arnautovic on 2/24/11

i need a pageing like here

sumon on 8/31/11

Great tutorial , Thanx

Nishant on 11/26/11

i try this but i have a problem in my page i have found a duplicate content area when i click on page number?can u tell me why this is going to be happen?

nusrat on 1/23/12

The size of the “comments” and “have your say:” isnt so much attractive. So pls change it asap.

dhaval on 9/13/12

dhaval: I like it, so I probably won’t be changing it anytime soon, sorry.

mark story on 9/15/12