You are a living/coding legend! It is just impossible for me to believe in the future of CakePHP without you behind it. Thanks for everything :)

Fahad on 11/9/10

Congratulations Mark, as others have said – CakePHP really does continute to rock and the community thrive due to the hard work you and others put into it. We really appreciate it.

I’d be totally lost without cake, whatever happens in the future I know for sure I’ll keep using it as my framework of choice.

Martz on 11/11/10

1.3 is such a great release! I’m a fan. Thank you.

Leigh Mackay on 11/12/10

I’m glad the cakephp ending was just a small rumours, i’ve been studying and praticing on the framework quite much for nearly 3 months now and i’m really enjoying it.

thanks to you, cakephp google groups and the whole cakephp community

huoxito on 11/12/10

Superb job. Thanks for letting me eat Cake!

EdMo on 12/1/10

Development without cake just dosn’t bare thinking about. To have a framework so solid, stable, supported, complete. yet moving forward. Its awesome. Thanks to anyone & everyone involved.


will on 12/1/10

Since me and my team moved our projects to Cake it’s simply… awesome! By now, i think it has lots of things to improve but its the greatest MVC!! Keep up the good work and all of us are waiting for 2.0!

Diseño web Castellón on 12/8/10

CakePHP is the best PHP framework i ever tried, it has the best community and a great set of core developers, something like this could never stop :)
Thank you all who work hard for keeping the project alive and kicking! Thank you Mark!

JT on 12/19/10

I have tried many PHP frameworks but I keep coming back to CakePHP. Although not a perfect framework, it is by far the framework that makes the most sense to me. And I cannot stress too much I like the manual. It is the best manual I have seen. And the API documentation is really good also.

Jon Lyles on 12/29/10

I forgot to say, the community on Google Groups is very helpful, and very welcoming to newcomers. And, thanks to you and the team for making Cake what it is.

John Lyles on 12/29/10

I have yet to post a comment but had to for this.

Thanks for all your work! CakePHP is a fantastic project and hope that it continues strong for the years to come!

Mark on 1/16/11

Thanks for sharing your genius work. This framework really rocks!

P.A.Rochat on 8/17/11