Hello Mark ,

Nice blog allover, I got stuck in in the find condition. Can you just brief me about it. can that be done with a update a command or is that i need recode every line of find condition.

DevCakephp on 7/28/15

Dear Mark,

I have severall plugins that I made (Contacts, Distributors, …) for my website. How can I update safelly my application ? Do I run cakephp/upgrade in every plugin root first ??

Best regards.


Sulian on 8/4/15

Sulian: I would use the upgrade too to update each plugin individually.

mark story on 8/12/15

Dear Mark,
We have a team and have taken a decision to migrate our lagre scale web portal from cakephp 2.0 to cakephp 3.0 . In this application We have used many component around we have 120+ tables. More that we are using upgrade tools but we are not getting more changes like
1. in v 3.x there is src folder but not getting src folder
2. ClassRegistry::init is not change
I expected my controllers to be moved to the src/ directory and have the code updated there. How is it work

Ashish on 9/29/15

Ashish: I’m not sure why the controllers weren’t moved. It could be possible that upgrade tool had an issue. As for ClassRegistry::init() that is one of the many methods that can’t automatically be updated unfortunately.

mark story on 10/10/15

helpful post. Thanks a lot.

jack on 10/26/15