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  • CakePHP - Halloween/Undead
  • Chicken, Airplane, Man
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  • Sing a sad Song
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  • the havenots
  • Men and women after work
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  • CakePHP test suite icons part 2
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  • Clumsy Penguins

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Recent Writing

Two new side projects - xhgui2 & lint-review

I try to keep fairly busy. Between work, being a dad, and working on existing open source projects, I found time to work on two new ones.


Profiling is a very interesting topic for me. I love spending time sifting through results trying to find ways to make code run faster or use less memory. XHProf is a C-extension created by Facebook.

Moving to linode

I recently moved hosting for this blog and my wife’s site to a shiny new linode. I did this because I wanted to have control over the versions of PHP, and other server software I ran. I had some issues with email blacklists at my previous host. I chose linode as I’ve heard nothing but good things from friends and my operations folks at work recommended them.

Installing CakePHP with Composer

I really like how composer simplifies dependency management & installation. It can make applications more portable, and simpler to deploy when compared to the pear installer. Another really nice feature of composer is that you can easily install any pear package, making it perfect for installing CakePHP. While installation was simple, some extra work was required to get things up and running smoothly.

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