CakeFest 2011 slides posted

In case you were not able to attend CakeFest 2011. I’ve posted my slides up on slideshare. The event was a great success. Thanks to Graham for organizing the event and to all the attendees. Its great to meet the community and put faces and names to irc handles and mailing list email addresses.


Thanks a lot for your work and the links

nIcO on 9/18/11


saleh on 9/18/11

Thanks for the slides. I can’t wait for a stable version of CakePHP 2.0

Pawel Jelonek on 9/18/11

Did you ever do a Gearman Vs RabbitMQ evaluation? What was your reason for choosing RabbitMQ

Also lately I have been using supervisord for deamonisng CakePHP shells – working out pretty good for us

Tarique Sani on 9/19/11

love it!
can’t wait to play around with the beta or the stable one.
unfortunately most projects cannot be converted to 2.0 anymore. there are just too many changes to be made.
but for new ones cake2 is an absolute must! :)

mark on 9/23/11

Tarique: I haven’t done that evaluation personally. I’ve mostly used RabbitMQ at work, where it was already in place when I started. Gearman is an interesting project and seems to fit a similar use case to the one I talked about.

mark story on 9/25/11


I can’t find your talk about RabbitMQ on Cake TV. Why?

Rafal on 4/20/12

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