Hi, I'm Mark Story. I'm a developer / illustrator. I work at Sentry during the day, and build Stickler CI & CakePHP at night. I work primarily in PHP, JavaScript and Python.

Building a Split Keyboard Part 3

In part 2 I covered the electrial design, and component selections I made for my keyboard project. In this post we’ll dive into the finishing, and assembly process.

Preparing the plates

The plates were some of the first parts I received, which was good as I could start wiring. I prepared the plates for assembly by spraying them with a clear coat.

Testing SQLServer and PHP locally in 2021

I’ve recently been working on overhauling the test database fixture system in CakePHP . My goals are to separate fixture schema management from fixture data management. By doing this applications will more easily be able to use their existing schema management to generate their test database. This project has entailed fixing many differences between the database servers that CakePHP supports.

Building a Split Keyboard part 1

Like many others, I’ve been exploring new hobbies and learning new skills as the pandemic continues to keep many of us at home. Lately, I’ve been exploring building custom mechanical keyboards. Its been a long time since I used a ‘normal’ keyboard for my day to day work. A few years ago I had the opportunity to use a coworker’s

Learning InertiaJS and building a task list

I use task lists extensively to organize my life both work and at home. Over the years I’ve used tools like Things.app and Todoist. While I like lots about Todoist there are a few aspects I miss from Things like the ‘evening’ view and task descriptions.

Improved Application Switcher for Elementary OS

I’ve recently switched to Elementary OS after many years of MacOS. Elementary by and large has been fantastic, and I like the low-configuration approach to OS design. The default alt-tab handler is my biggest gripe. It uses a combination of animated zoom, and brightness changes that I find visually tiring. I hoped that others had shared my pain and built an alternate solution.

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