CakePHP RC1 released

Earlier today a CakePHP 1.2 RC1 was released. You can read the full changelog
or read the official announcement to learn about whats been going on since the beta. Also download a new Cake and smell the fresh icing. A big congrats to all on the CakePHP team and all that have contributed tickets, tests and time.

A quick rundown on some of the features that are not mentioned in the release:

  • Model conditions have been expanded so that group can be set in new model find syntax.
  • Additional callbacks have been implemented for helpers, beforeLayout() and afterLayout()
  • The entire core is now unit tested with code coverage on most classes above 80%
  • Writing tests for HTML generation is now easier with assertTags()
  • New String and Multibyte classes provide and enhance Cake’s i18n friendliness

In total there were more than 800 changeset made and over 100 bug reports closed. The documentation is better and so is the code. If you haven’t checked out CakePHP before now is a great time.


Cake PHP RC1 have lof of feature but i like one of them is CakeEmail has had a number of improvements made around API consistency, and ease of use.

Elliott Pruitt on 1/17/13

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