CakePHP RC3 released and CakePHP 1.1 new release

If you are following the development of CakePHP today is a good day for you. RC3 was released today! We have all been working really hard to make this Release Candidate better than the last one. There have been over 400 commits since the last RC2. Some of the big changes are related to performance. Larry Masters and the rest of the team have been hard at work making CakePHP snappier and all around speedier. These efforts have made the bootstrapping 10x faster and App::import() has recieved a significant speed boost as well. In addition to the RC3 of the 1.2 branch, 1.1 has also received some upgrades as well, and has no open tickets. A big thanks to Tim Koschuetzki from debuggable for finishing off the last of the 1.1 tickets.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been filing tickets and to all of the core team for working hard. So if you are using RC2 download RC3 today . A special thanks to nate as well for the extra recognition. Read the official announcement at the bakery.


Congratulations for all the team and specially for you as nate already put together. Thanks for this release, It was a hard wait and now my expectations are almost all fulfilled. So in other words, thanks for turning my life easier!

PS: I liked it: “A real address works better”

anonymous user on 10/2/08

Merry Mark Story Day to you.

anonymous user on 10/3/08

Thanks guys, the mark story day was totally unexpected and I’m very flattered.

rafaelbandeira3: gotta love smarmy error messages, I know I do :)

mark story on 10/3/08

Mark, I don’t mean to make you my personal support team but I got the following error (twice per page) after migrating to RC3. I set up ACL by following your tutorials and was wondering if the error makes sense to you. Also, FYI, I’m using your Menu component as well. Error text: “Warning (512): DbAcl::check() – Failed ARO/ACO node lookup in permissions check.”

anonymous user on 10/3/08

Jason: I would check at what ARO and ACO the MenuComponent is looking for and ensure that they are in your ACL table.

mark story on 10/4/08

hi, am getting an error “DbAcl::check() – Failed ARO/ACO node lookup in permissions check. Node references:” can you pls help me out

anonymous user on 10/15/08

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