CakePHP RC4 released

Earlier this evening the last 300 changes to CakePHP were merged into the trunk forming CakePHP RC4. It should be a painless update for all, and it brings us one step closer to a final stable release of 1.2, something we all look forward to. Check out the release announcement for more details, check the changelog and download RC4 now


Great Job guys!

Dooltaz on 12/19/08

First of all, great work!

When i read it, one thing crossed my mind: Why?

With the release of RC3 the following announcement was made: “It’s finally here: the final release before the final release of CakePHP 1.2.”


That means that RC4 actually had to be the final. I wonder what happend and why it is not?

Phally on 12/19/08

Phally: I think it was shortly after RC3 the team remember that in the projects history there has always been at least 4 release candidates. See Versions which was moved over from the trac site.

mark story on 12/19/08

Is there anything worthwile in this release apart from bugfixes?

austin_web_developer on 12/24/08

Austin: Well the features have been locked since the release candidate process started. So yes it would be for bugfixes.

mark story on 12/24/08

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