Happy CakePHP halloween

Everyone can breath a sign of relief. Late last night there were rumours that CakePHP had died. Confusion and disbelief spread pretty quickly through twitter, and IRC. However, CakePHP is doing great, and is very far from dead. Last night’s twitter and IRC mayhem was all a good bit of fun from those of us on the CakePHP team. With all the recent chatter and speculation of the end of CakePHP, some of us thought it might be fun to play that one out, just in time for some trick or treat action.

So we concocted an elaborate set of events to stage the death of CakePHP. Thanks to the wonders of the internet it was fantastically easy as well. Using twitter, mailing lists and some misdirection in IRC the stage was set. The hardest part was actually doing the design work, translating to ‘zombie’, and keeping straight faces while mayhem ensued. I made it my mission to handle the design work, while PhpNut handled the zombie translations, Predominant orchestrated the server’s death and Cakephp domain for sale page. The rest of the team did a fantastic job adding to the illusion of death via twitter and IRC.

Everything went off perfectly. Chaos and confusion were running through IRC and twitter, while we carefully executed each step of the plan. I would like to thank everyone on the dev team for running with as crazy of an idea as staging the death of CakePHP so we could pull a huge prank and release a seasonal design. I would also like to thank and commend our very passionate community. It was reaffirming to see their frustration, disbelief and anger in light of the frameworks possible end. Knowing how much people care about this project makes me want to work harder on it. I hope you enjoyed our little halloween prank, and that you didn’t loose too much sleep over it. Happy halloween everyone, have a perusal through the IRC logs or twitter messages if you missed the action.


Too soon

TG2345 on 10/28/09

Nice Job hahah.

When the “cakephp.org for sale by owner” page went up I really felt sad. :( It was as though a close family member died.

Glad you guys are ok. And I love the new layout. :D

jwh1138 on 10/28/09

You had me going. Awesome design and the zombie translation is just the icing… so to speak.

Nick on 10/28/09

Fortunately, I missed that :) Congrats on the new design

Marv3lz on 10/28/09

I missed it too…
It is still very nice to see such a great sense of humor from you and the rest of the team. All the turmoil lately put me a bit on edge… this calmed me down significantly. Great fun, and very nice new website.

Martin Westin on 10/28/09

Haha – just another reason I find Twitter to be the scourge of the earth’s technology. if there is a faster way to spread falsities and rumors…

Anyway very good fun, looking forward to all the great releases to come.

Eddie on 10/28/09

Nom nom nom… Braiiinnnnssss…

OJ Tibi on 10/28/09

Mark! Really awesome job, man. Very clever idea and the designs are flawless. I love how you translated each visual element. CakePHP is clearly more “un-dead” than ever. :-)

Nate Abele on 10/28/09

Still….. NOT COOL! I may or may not have had a gun pointed down my throat :P

Trevor Gau on 10/28/09

Well I’m glad to hear that most people found the prank entertaining.

Eddie: While I partly agree that twitter can be a scourge its also one of the fastest and most efficient ways to spread news, whether it be fabricated or not :)

Trevor Gau: I hope not, its just code and everything is back to normal :)

mark story on 10/28/09

I just checked out the cake php redesign and its great!

Keep up the great work :) Thanks for all of your hard work.

*tangie* on 10/28/09

is freshbooks made with cakephp? If not what is it made with?

jack on 5/16/10

Jack: FreshBooks is not built with CakePHP, it is built with PHP and python though.

mark story on 5/17/10

I love python should be used more!

Dr Java on 9/29/10

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