I got Married!

These updates keep getting farther and farther apart however, this time I have a good excuse. I got married! On Aug 25th of this year I got married to a lovely woman named Tina. We met in college and have been inseparable since. So that is my excuse, I never realized how much work went into a wedding. Insane. I designed the invitations the thank you cards, and did calligraphy on all the name cards. In addition to all of that I did a portrait of Tina and I for our guests to sign. It is up now, also up now is a design that I did for the excellent halloween for a cause event, which unfortunately got postponed until next year for logistical reasons.

I’ve also been very busy programming a web application framework, why I don’t know but it seems like a really good way to grok object oriented programming and have something useful at the same time. With it nearing completion I’m really thinking of burning this place down and rebuilding it. I feel it doesn’t really showcase my work as well as it could, and there is a lot of neato things I know how to do now that I didn’t 3 years ago when I built this version of the site. With that said there is a fancy redesign in the works, perhaps even a blog as that’s the cool thing to do these days.


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