New home, new sideproject

I’ve had quite the busy last little month or two. My wife and I have been house shopping for a while, and found a place about 2 months ago. However, just last weekend we moved into our new (to us at least) condo in west Toronto.

The new sideproject is the CakePHP DebugKit . I’ve been hard at work building a ‘debug toolbar’ for CakePHP. This project is influenced by the existing tools available for Django and Symfony. Both of these tools provide very handy information to developers for debugging and general development. However, there was nothing comparable in the CakePHP camp. After conversing with the rest of the core team, I decided to take charge and built what I think is going to end up being a really useful tool. The DebugKit is provided as a plugin that will be supported by myself and others on the core team.

As Daniel Hofsetter described earlier it makes a simple toolbar that contains various panels of debug information. Clicking a panel shows the information the panel has prepared. Currently there are 6 supported panels, and there are hooks in place to allow you to add your own panels. I’d like to thank Joel Moss and Joel Perras for helping me out with getting additional Javascript libraries covered. Check back later this week, as I hope to have a tutorial covering how to use the Toolbar and the other features of the DebugKit.


Hi! Great plugin I love it…
It is nice to see that my path to the Debugger made into something useful. keep up the good work!

anonymous user on 11/4/08

This sounds like a great tool for cake, look forward to reading your tutorial…

anonymous user on 11/4/08

This will be very useful. Thanks for working on it.

anonymous user on 11/5/08

Debug Kit should be made a part of the core!! Great Stuff

anonymous user on 11/5/08

José Lorenzo Rodríguez: I still plan on moving the timing/benchmark functionality into core, but for the time being making it part of the DebugKit allows that functionality to exist in 1.2

Tarique: From what I know, once the plugin reaches a release it will be treated like other core team supported projects. So I don’t know if there is a need to move it into core.

mark story on 11/5/08

He Mark, I tested it and used it. Very nice indeed! I like that I can adjust some css etc.
What I discoverd is that f.i. I have a lot of sessions the bottom part is not shown. There is a scrollbar but I can’t scroll. When I move my mouse to scroll the popup is gone.
Something easy to fix?

anonymous user on 11/6/08

BTW, i create two usefull additional panels.
Ask me tomorrow about it in irk channel, please

anonymous user on 11/9/08

Mark, great job with this toolbar.

I have to point you to a little problem: The plugin seems to be incompatible with themes on cakephp.

Since we’ve started to theme our application, we found lots of problems to make the theme work as in the manual.

We found a workaround implying beforeRender, but then your plugin stopped to work, and we realized that the problem was with ToolbarComponent::startup method.

We have removed your component, what we’d love to have it back as soon as you can take a look on this issue.

Again, thanks for the great work!

anonymous user on 11/10/08

Antonio: This is a known problem. I’ve been working on a solution with Nate Abele and Andy Dawson. It should be complete soon. If all goes as plan the DebugKit will be compatible with all View classes Theme included.

mark story on 11/15/08

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