New Job, whodunnit 2006

Well it has been a while since I last did anything here. But I have been busy in the last month, and have things to show and share. First is a new painting in the gallery. It is the largest painting I’ve done yet. The triptych measures 20“x52” which is quite large for someone like me who doesn’t normally work larger than 11“x14”. Secondly, I got a new day job doing web design/development at Fostergross inc. So if you need web work done let me know. Furthermore, I have another piece in the near final stages which I hope to have up and online soon.

I also have plans for several more pieces planned for future execution, inclusive of my contribution to the OCAD Whodunit? show. If your in Toronto for the weekend of November 25th, you should check the show out. Its a great show and all the money goes to the college.


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