Well its almost done. As you can see, the main interface is done and the content has been reformatted and appended to. Futhermore, there are more images to look at. An entirely new section makes it debut as well. The clothing section has my t-shirt designs and will expand over time to other apparel. The shop section is still under construction, but should be done soon. Lastly, if you have a geek inside you, the code on this page is now W3C compliant! No more tables either, just lovely CSS styled goodness.

The only bad thing about the new site is that Internet explorer 5/5.5 totally breaks the page apart. So if you are still using it you are probably missing lots of other cool stuff on the net as well and should upgrade. I suggest firefox. It is fast, standards compliant and offers a bunch of features that internet explorer 5/6/7 doesn’t.


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