Updates galore and replacement icon for eclipse

So instead of an article this time around I’ve done some housekeeping and updated the geshi helper to a newer version that includes the ‘show plain code’ links and I’ve provided a sample of the javascript I use to do the effect. Furthermore, I’ve updated the licensing on it to be harmonious with the rest of the code found on this site. The geshi helper is now licensed under the MIT license as all the other code found for download here.

New icons

I’ve also added in some new artwork in the form of some new icons. I’ve added in the icons I did for the cakePHP test suite and a replacement icon for eclipse. Eclipse is a powerful Java based IDE that I use all the time. However, I’m not a fan of its icon, so I’ve done something that I prefer a bit more than the purple ball. If you use eclipse give it a try see how you like it. It looks something like this in the dock.

Eclipse Icon in a dock

Replacing the eclipse icon in OSX is a bit of a pain, as simply doing a Get info and pasting the icon over top doesn’t work. You have to get contents of the eclipse app and replace the Eclipse.icns inside Contents/Resources/. Get the eclipse replacement icon here


You may have noticed a new search bar at the top right, well it works now. I’ve had that little box completed for about 5 months and have only gotten around to hooking it up recently. Since the site has far more content on it than when it began I thought it was due time to add it in.


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