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New images and t-shirts

Happy new year to you. And for your viewing pleasure There is a new image in the digital side of the portfolio. I found the whole bird flu hype interesting and found it inspiring. Also I’m learning to write better CSS and will definitely be relaunching this website soon. When I change the site over I will be incorporating more of my design work, inclusive of my t-shirts. Which you’ll be able to buy!

Whodunnit 2005

Have a couple new images in the pipelines, furthermore,I contributed two images to the OCAD whodunit? fundraiser this year. The show previews on Nov 15th, 16th , and 18th. All the art goes on sale November 19th. So check it out, and buy something. It helps a great institution out, and you get an original piece of art.

Lots of new Images

Well I got access to my scanner, and there are many new images to be found in the portfolio. I’ve also split the portfolio into two sections, corresponding with the media that I use.

Possible feature on me!

Well wouldn’t you know it, I have 2 new images to add to the portfolio. A fantasy game/historical sample, and a landscape. But I have no way to scan them right now, as my scanner is in another city. As soon as we are reunited there will be more to see. In other news conscious media magazine in toronto is running a bio/spotlight on me in their september issue, check it out.

Added a new image

Added a new image to the portfolio. I’ve been busy lately, but there is always going to be more work.

Bookmark icon added

Added a bookmarks icon. Now you can see an icon in the address bar and bookmarks.

IE 6 compatiblity fixed

Compatibility issues with Internet explorer have been repaired. Furthermore, two images were added to the portfolio section.

Site Online

The site goes online, and is open for your viewing pleasure. Visit the portfolio for samples of my work. The downloads has a number of PDF postcards, and wallpaper images, enjoy.