AclExtras Shell

With the help of Oscar Carlsson I’ve updated the AcoSync Shell and renamed it to the AclExtrasShell. With Oscar’s help we’ve added quick and easy ways to recover and verify your tree structures. AclExtras Shell also incorporates all the existing functionality of AcoSync Shell. In the future I will be adding features to the AclExtras Shell as the need or demand requires.

Using recover and verify

Using recover and verify is quite easy. To recover a tree use cake acl_extras recover aco to recover the aco tree. You can obviously swap aco for aro if you want to do that instead. To verify a tree use cake acl_extras verify aco.

Well I hope you enjoy, and thanks again to Oscar Carlsson for contributing!. If there are any other features or ideas for growing the AclExtras let me know.

You can download the AclExtras Shell from my GitHub


Cool, thanks for cleaning it up :) You forgot main() though, other than that it seemed to work just as it should!

anonymous user on 10/21/08

I’ve just used it and it works nicely and fine.
Wouldn’t it much more nice having it to extend AclShell and therefore inheriting it’s methods? I think it would be fine…

anonymous user on 10/28/08

Oscar: Don’t know how I missed the changes in main() the first time around, but they’ve been fixed now if you check the gitHub.

rafaelbandeira3: That is a possibility, I’ll explore that the next time I get around to it.

mark story on 10/29/08

I was worried when my new controller did not show up when doing aco_update or aco_sync, but I found out that there was a cache for this when looking at listObject documentation. Maybe it would be good not to use cache when using it since it’s a task triggered manually. Anyways, I won’t fork code for this, but maybe this will be useful to others.
Currently :

function getControllerList() {
  return Configure::listObjects('controller');

Could be replaced by
function getControllerList() {
  return Configure::listObjects('controller', null, FALSE);

TheRec on 9/24/09

And what about plugins? Would You be able to add support for them?

prgTW on 10/6/09

prgTW: Of course I could add plugins. However, AuthComponent in 1.2 does not use plugins when generating the aco paths. However, this has been fixed for the upcoming 1.3 release, and I will be updating the acl_extras shell, and MenuComponent at that time.

mark story on 10/7/09

Dont forget to load the Plugin in Bootstrap! CakePlugin::load(‘AclExtras’);

og on 3/25/13

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