AssetCompress 0.2 released

Over the weekend I put some time into my AssetCompress plugin. A few remaining issues were fixed and a few new features have been added since the previous release.

New features

A few new features have been added since the first release.

  • Filters were accidentally omitted on CSS files in the 0.1, this has been corrected.
  • A new ini key called timestamp has been added to both CSS and JS files. Setting this to true in your ini file will make the helpers append a timestamp to built files. The timestamp is updated each time you use the shell to clear out cached files.
  • The asset_compress.ini should now live in app/config/asset_compress.ini instead of in the plugin.
  • Files in themes are now discovered.

I’d like to thank the people who opened tickets and a special thanks to Ben McClure for submitting patches and ideas as well. The future roadmap includes getting some built-in features for common compressors and possibly improving the installation of the plugin. I’ve updated the wiki pages with the new features.


hi, mark
very excellent , thank you

saleh on 7/11/10


this is a really nice feature, i’m using it and it works quite well.

I just want to mention that it doesn’t seems to work with Auth, you should check if auth is present and allow all your plugin actions :)

pi3r on 7/13/10

My bad, i’m using a custom component for authentification

pi3r on 7/13/10

pi3r: Yeah, unfortunately I couldn’t come up with a way to figure out how to turn off any and all custom authorization, so you will have to do that on your own :)

mark story on 7/18/10

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