CakeFest Argentina after thoughts.

Well I’m finally back in Canada after a somewhat hairy experience at JFK airport in New York, I’m home in the great white north. I had an awesome time at CakeFest and would like to thank all the sponsors and all the people who came out. It was a really great experience for me, and a pleasure to finally be able to put faces to the names and lines of text/code speak to / read each day. If you couldn’t make it out to this CakeFest I hope you can make it out to one in the future. There were many great presentations, dinners and bar takeovers during the last week. Its definitely an experience I won’t forget.

If you would like to read up on the talks given at CakeFest Argentina, check out my other blog on Also all of the other developers at cakedc have blogs so check it out. Often people in open source complain for various reasons. However, when you meet as many great people as I did, its easy to remember why we got involved in open source.


Thanks for blogging about all the presentations!
I really hope for a CakeFest over here in Europe sometime – but we’ll see :)

anonymous user on 12/8/08

Hi. Glad you had a great time here in Argentina. Thanks to all people who organised the event and to you and other speakers.
Looking forward to reading your presentation about testing, please upload it :)

anonymous user on 12/9/08

Anton: Check my Downloads for the slides I used. Also check CakeFest for the rest of the slides. I know Mariano is gathering them, so they should be up soon.

mark story on 12/10/08

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