DebugKit 1.2 released

Earlier today I tagged and packaged up the 1.2 release of DebugKit. DebugKit 1.2 features a number of improvements and features over 1.1 which include:

  • Improved timer panel including timer waterfalls and timer output on page failure.
  • Additional configuration parameters to allow forcing display, and controlling automatic display of the toolbar
  • Drag resizable panels
  • Memory and Timer panels were merged. You can now set memory points much like timer points.
  • Several bugfixes

There are packaged releases available on Github and ohloh. You can also get the tagged release with git.

DebugKit has moved

DebugKit has joined CakePHP on Github. All future development will be done from github. Also the open tickets and wiki pages have been moved to a lighthouse so if you find any issues, please report them there

The future of DebugKit

Since the release of CakePHP 1.3 is approaching, DebugKit 1.2 will be the last major feature release compatible with CakePHP 1.2. I will be focusing on getting DebugKit working with, and taking advantage of the many changes made available in 1.3. The master branch will contain the 1.3 compatible version, while the 1.2-branch will continue to be 1.2 compatible. Bug fix releases will still be done for the 1.2-branch as needed.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release of DebugKit.


OH Yeah, awesome 1.1 wasn’t working with 1.2.5. Thanks for this, this always helps with my dev time.

TG2345 on 12/12/09

Excellent, thanks for your work on this very useful plugin!

10drill on 12/13/09

Thanks again for your work on this, the plugin keeps getting better and I’ve come to really rely on it.

Darren on 12/14/09

Nice. Off to github to see. Best cake plugin by far

dogmatic69 on 12/14/09

Nice. Off to github to see. Best cake plugin by far

dogmatic69 on 12/14/09

Thanks! This is the best cake plugin in the universe. Seriously.

RandoPooh on 1/19/10

hi,I am using cake 1.3, but i could not find debugkit 1.3. can anyone give the link of downloading debugkit 1.3. Please help

S razu on 8/2/10

S razu: The master branch in the git repo is for use with 1.3, I hope to have a tagged version done soon.

mark story on 8/2/10

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