DebugKit updates

I’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to improve the DebugKit and have added what I think are some pretty cool features. First up is FireCake. FireCake is a fully functional FirePHP library built specifically with CakePHP in mind. It integrates into the DebugKitDebugger and provides almost all the toolbar output whenever you make a non HTML request. Of course you can use it outside of the toolbar as well. See the wiki for additional documentation.

There have been several improvements to the toolbar helpers as well making cross format output easier to generate. DebugView is another class that has been rebuilt. Originally there were some problems with custom View classes. I’m happy to say that all (as far as I’m aware of) these issues have been resolved. The Javascript has been revamped and the the dependancy on Jquery has been fixed. Rafael Bandeira forked Debug Kit and added a pretty spiffy library agnostic Javascript adapter.

Benchmark shell

While at CakeFest Argentina Felix Geisend├â┬Ârfer had a great idea of including a benchmark shell similar to Apache AB in the DebugKit. A few short while later Felix had a functioning shell, to which I added some parameters to during a sleepless flight home. Its use is detailed in the help method and the DebugKit wiki

You can find the latest and greatest DebugKit code at Github at least until gwoo gets thechaw polished off. I hope you enjoy the recent changes to the DebugKit and keep forking!


Hey Mark, thanks for citing me here, really made a boom on visits in my blog!
May I ask you to fix a typo in my name? ;-P … “Bandeira” instead of “Bandiera” – I do the same all the time when typing fast…


Rafael Bandeira on 12/15/08

Rafael: No problem, your name has been fixed, sorry about that.

mark story on 12/16/08

Hey Mark,
I love the DebugKit! Many Thanks!
While i’m using the HTML-validator, I made some changes, that worked for me.
Hope that helps…

Best regards

in “request_panel.ctp”
I change:

To view Cookies, add CookieComponent to Controller

To view Cookies, add CookieComponent to Controller

in “sql_log_panel.ctp”
I change:


in “timer_panel.ctp”
I change the p-tag:

to a div-tag:

RoVo on 12/27/08

RoVo: Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve merged in the recommended changes to the master branch. Thanks again!

mark story on 12/31/08

Where’s the best place to discuss problems using DebugKit? I’ve copied debug_kit to my app/plugins, but don’t see the Toolbar. My controller is bare:
class EventsController extends AppController {

var $scaffold; var $components = array(‘DebugKit.Toolbar’); ?> The resulting page looks the same with or without the component – i.e. no Toolbar. debug is 2, and I’m not using a requestAction anywhere.

I’ve included DebugKit in another, fleshed-out, controller (created via bake) and the content is present but not as a toolbar, it’s all inline. I assume I need to include some CSS somewhere?


Ben on 1/26/09

Ben: As discussed on the mailing list. DebugKit does not work with scaffolding. As scaffolds require their own View class, which replaces the DebugKit View class. I’m not sure why the CSS isn’t working. It should be getting placed by the toolbar helpers.

As for discussing issues. Now that the project is on the thechaw we have a ticketing system. So you can always file issues there.

mark story on 1/27/09

Hi, I just installed the debug kit in my cakephp 1.3 app. Thanks a million! its great! Ill be using that all the time now.



Will on 5/25/10

Hi, it is nice to know about this plugin, but I am having a problem with my custom helpers in 1.3
My helpers are not recognized from within my layout files. calling them like $this->Jm->someFunction() are now spitting error the moment I include DebugKit.Toolbar in the components array.

Does anyone experienced this??
I just want to spit my error messages on the firebug console, or be able to print variables at the firebug console instead on my site…

Jonathan on 11/5/11

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