Github hooked up

As I post more and more code here, I’m finding it tedious to update all the various .zip files of code as I make changes. So I’ve taken a page from Tim and Felix and made an account at gitHub. This makes it easy for me and you to find the newest revision of whatever you may be looking for. So in the future I will be posting all my updates there instead of the little zip files all over the place as I’ve been doing up until now.

You can find my gitHub repository here

Getting GIT setup

I am pretty new to using GIT but here are a few resources I found useful in getting GIT setup.

  • I’m still working on a PPC mac running 10.4 so these instructions for compiling git were invaluable as there is no binary or .dmg available (at least not one I could find) you must compile from source.
  • A basic list of GIT commands is always useful
  • GIT project home get the source here, as well as tons of documentation.
  • Gitorius Textmate bundle for GIT integration.

So far my experience with GIT has been good. It takes a slightly different approach than SVN, but that is part of its attraction. I’m still getting used to having to add files before each commit and remembering that my local commits do not show up on the master repository until I push them up but overall I’m liking the GIT experience.


You are right, there doesn’t seem to be PPC binaries for Tiger available but when using an Intel machine and Leopard you can download binaries at:

Have you already tried out GitNub? It’s a really nice GUI application, somehow similar to Gitk, located at:

Happy coding and have fun with Git.

anonymous user on 9/13/08

Patrick: I have not looked into GitNub, but definately will. I’ve just been using the shell tools so far, and they work quite well, but its always good to have a GUI app around.

mark story on 9/13/08

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