New features brewing for DebugKit 1.1

So I’ve been working away on DebugKit the last few weeks. And I think its at a level where I can suggest other people give it a whirl. Its not at a stable release point. But if you are feeling adventurous and don’t mind using beta code give it a try. There are a few notable features have been added, so in no particular order here they are.

New Javascript

Like I said earlier there are quite a few new features rolled into this release, the first is an entirely rebuilt Javascript system. It is still framework independent and plays nice by not leaking any variables. However, its now a modular system, and panels can more easily add and extend features into the toolbar initialization. You are no longer required to hack up the main Javascript file. I’ll be posting more on this later.

What just happened – The History panel.

Did you ever wish that you could find out what happened in those POSTs that automatically redirect? Well Matt Curry did and he even created the History panel. Its since been refactored a bit, and had some Ajax goodness added. History access is shut off if your debug = 0, or if you use AuthComponent and don’t explicitly allow() the history_access method. When a history state is loaded all your panels will have a blue background letting you know you loaded a previous request.

Slow queries? Now you can find out why

A ticket was opened for this feature and Yasushi Ichikawa stepped up and implemented it. Initially as a separate panel, but I thought it would be handy to have in the SqlLog panel instead, so thats where you can find it. If any queries return less than 20 rows / millisecond they will have an EXPLAIN $query run on them. Currently this only works for PostGres and MySql connections. Furthemore, this enhancement allowed me to add SQL logs and SQL explains to Ajax Requests as well. So check your Firebug/FirePHP console for extra goodies.

More consistent and rock solid CSS

The CSS of the original release was a bit flaky, it routinely got messed up by other CSS on the page. This time around I’ve tried to insulate it more from the rest of the page.

More stats

Joël Perras Contributed some enhancements to the benchmark shell providing some additional detail for stats generated by it. In addition Graham Weldon added bar charts to the timer panel making timers easier to read and understand.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support and contributions in making DebugKit the great tool it has become. I hope you continue to find it useful and if you come across any bugs let me know by opening a ticket on thechaw.


Where can i download the latest version? I visited thechaw and ohloh and couldn’t find.

Caio Gondim on 3/26/09

I’ve got the same problem as Caio. Can you prepare a package with 1.1 version?

Rafal Grzegorek on 3/26/09

Same here.

For those of us who have not yet installed git clients, would it be possible to make the source available as a .zip download? (fully accepting that this may be too much to ask of someone who has already given so much to the community).

keymaster on 3/26/09

Well like I said in the article, its not a real release at this point, more of a beta. So I didn’t see the need to create a tag/package for it. But when I feel confident with the features I will package up a release.

mark story on 3/26/09

let’s us know pls . ;)

Caio Gondim on 3/26/09

Thx Mark and all involved I was blown away by DebugKit in the first place and what I have read some even more amazing it is really helpful – the explain query feature will be very helpful

Sam on 3/27/09

Hi Mark!…DebugKit is a very helpful tool for my app, too. Do you mind a little suggestion?…I would really appreciate if DebugKit will also display debug information on Configure Object. I use that a lot inside my apps. Thank you!

Lucian Lature on 3/27/09

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