Relaunch Rocket Well the redesign and rebuild is complete. I’ve gutted my site and rebuilt it from the ground up. There are more changes than just a shiny new design though. With this redesign I’m shifting the focus of the site around a bit as well. I plan on posting more frequently not only about new images and paintings that I’ve completed, but also about my experiences as a professional web developer. In the future I’ll be posting tutorials, code snippets and walkthroughs about many web design/development related topics. In addition I really hope to get a painting tutorial up. So check back and see what’s cooking.

For this new blog-o-porfolio site there is a registration-less commenting system. So feel more than free to drop me a line on anything I write or draw about. I’ve currently closed comments on all of the archived news and images but all future material will be open for comments as long as I can keep the spam robots away.

At this time I’d like to extend a huge thanks to a few of the communities that really helped me get this and many of the sites I build together. First I would like to thank all the open source groups that provide the world with so much fantastic software as little to no cost. If you are new to the term “open source”, basically a group of programmers/designers get together to make great software and release the source code (machine program files) enabling anyone to read, modify and use the software. This makes great software freely available and allows learning programmers to learn from some of the industries best. With everyone on the same page I’d like to thank Apache For building a great webserver that powers the internet, MySQL a Free and fast Database server that powers almost everything I build these days. PHP one of the most widely used programming languages on the web. CakePHP Cake PHP is an application framework that helps developers like me rapidly build sites like this. MooTools A Javascript library that provides a powerful easy to use library of javascript that has saved me more time than I care to recall. So if you build any of these products I would really like to thank you for all your hard work.

Lastly I wanted to thank a few webservices for giving me free content and services. Thanks to LastFm for providing a nice easy way to share what I listen to with everyone. Another thanks goes to Akismet for helping keep down the spam.

So thats it. There will be more to come for sure.


Oh, this is pretty! Added to my RSS reader already. :)

anonymous user on 4/7/08

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