Smaller and more repositories on github

What started out small has grown into an ugly tangled monster. As with many people’s github accounts, mine only had a few things in it at first and all was well. But as more code was written the repository began to smell and was in need of some splitting up. So that is what has been done. I’ve split my MenuComponent, GeshiHelper, AclExtrasShell a.k.a AcoSyncShell , and VcfHelper into their own plugins. This makes it easier for you just to get the pieces you want and makes it easier for me to maintain them. I’ve also added tests for the AclExtrasShell as those were sorely lacking before. Over the next few days I’ll be updating all the related articles so they point at the new homes. The previous story-scribbles repository will continue to hold classes and files until I get them all separated. The new homes for all these plugins are as follows:

In the future new helpers, components etc. will be released as separate plugins. This will make everyone’s life easier in the long run I think.


Mark, this might be more of a git question but do you know if it’s possible to pull multiple git repositories into a single repository?

Specifically, if I was using three of your repositories in one of my applications is it possible to pull your updates directly into my application?

Granted this is probably more of a git question, I just hadn’t really seen a good writeup on how to use git to manage all these great projects that people put up.

Barry on 9/25/09

Barry: Well if you are also using git to version control your development, you can use Git submodules. By adding each plugin as a git submodule you will be able to update each plugin.

mark story on 9/28/09

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